We’re already famous!

Single Tracks have written about one of the infamous trails our yurt will be located by. With over 7,000 feet of net descending from the high point to the low point, and passing through almost every climate zone imaginable, the Whole Enchilada is the king of shuttle routes. Riders flock from all over the world to experience this mountain biking masterpiece, and to try their luck on Moab’s technical obstacles.


Single Trails

Moonlight Meadows is a tasty snack of single track just a stones throw away from what we hope will be our Geyser Pass Yurt. Yum! Talking Mountain will soon be offering Hazard Trail on our brunch menu. Just ordered Yurt insulation to keep’em cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Remember…Have the, “Whole Enchilada” for Breakfast! Ride High Sleep High!